Hello! Thank you for coming to check out my website. This page will tell you a little about me and what I do. Feel free to email me at email@leewaters.org if you have any questions! Thanks for being here and hope to hear from you soon. 

Lee Waters, Teacher and Artist 

I have been teaching special education since 1991. My background is in Deaf education. I've been a Classroom teacher, University lecturer, School administrator, American Sign Language instructor and an Educational Specialist/consultant. My degrees range from an Associates of Science in Early Childhood Education to a Doctoral degree in Educational Leadership. When not working or creating in my studio, I spend time with family and friends.

 I recently completed my LEND (Leadership Education in Neuro-developmental and related Disabilities) Fellowship. I created a transition manual, focused on transitioning from high school to post-secondary education settings, to be disseminated across schools in Alaska. I also recently finished the mentor training program within the school district and look forward to becoming a teacher mentor this 2020-2021 school year. 


This school year, I will be available to teach ASL classes and to provide tutoring in Language Arts- Grades K-12. 

Please check the Services page on this website to see the classes scheduled. Let me know if you have any questions! Stay safe and healthy. 

Learnability Alaska

This is my educational consulting business, something I'm very excited about. I believe all children have the potential to want to learn. I give strategies to support a positive outlook about learning and changing from a fixed to a growth mindset. I offer individual and group tutoring/classes after school during the school year. I also have a fantastic class for parents to learn about growth mindsets with tools they can use with their children.

New Site, New Growth
 Waxed Musings 

This is my art business, something I'm very passionate about. I work with most media but am drawn to mosaic and Encaustic. I offer art classes to children and adults. Check out my gallery page. I have a solo show at Middle Way Cafe during August/September '20 and a group show at Sevigny Art Gallery in September '20. Check it out! 

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