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Learnability Alaska

Carol Dweck, a world-renowned Stanford University psychologist, says that growth mindset is how people see their qualities as things that can be developed through their dedication and effort. People with a fixed mindset feel they either have it or they don't when it comes to their intelligence or skill sets.
Most students I have worked with are often surprised at how fixed their thinking is and even more so when they are told their intelligence has no limit! The transformation of the mindsets involve a lot of grit and perseverance but it's well worth it.   
In addition to using this form of educational psychology with students (powerful for adults too), I spend a lot of time working with students using specific teaching strategies and teaching life-long tools they can use for their own independent learning. 
Learning strategies are tools that students can use to perform tasks better, more easily, or quicker. Explicit instruction is given to students to ensure they understand what to employ as needed. An example of one learning strategy I teach is the use of the Self-Regulated Strategy Development model (SRSD), of which one of the steps is the building of one's background knowledge. 
These are just some examples of what I do in my work with students. In addition, at Learnability Alaska, there is a group of teachers that do work with students on specific core content mastery. Please email me for more information at
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